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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneezes, ponders habits

I came down with a cold a week ago—started feeling a little off last Thursday night, and was flattened on Friday, as was Ken. So I ended up taking a couple of unexpected days off, which resulted in me feeling alternately panicky about how behind I was getting, or maudlin because I felt like Lamey McLamerson for not getting things done. (Hey, I never said it was logical inside this brain!)

It reminded me of something Bob Mayer said in the workshop a few weekends ago—that we have to list our successes and achievements. Not the sales and awards, but the day-to-day accomplishments. I have questionable success with that because if there’s a gap, I feel—as I said above—lame and useless. So I also have to retrain my brain to not look at the gaps, but at the days of productivity and things crossed off lists, and feel the warmth of what I got done.

So I’m feeling pretty chuffed right now that I got about 800 words done on the CES story and got the next chunk off to the editor (this client likes to read things in 5K chunks), and scribbled some notes for OOTFP because I finally figured out how to make the transition to the next scene.

I also took Eostre to the vet, did the dishes, made lunch, paid a bill, filed a few things, and answered a bunch of Kingdom Chronicler e-mail. (Ken and I both went to the vet, actually, and he brought dinner home from Versailles because he had an errand in the Valley, and I’m now stinking out my cold with garlic, hah!)

I am not thinking about the swaths of e-mail still in my In Box, or the fact that I haven’t really had time to read Facebook for days (are you all still out there?), or the freelance jobs I still need to apply for, or the other parts of the house that need cleaning, or the Styx concert write-ups for Sarah, or the journal entries yet unwritten, or my website update, or…

::sticks fingers in ears::  Lalalalaladinosaur!

Tonight I shall sleep another Nyquil-drugged sleep of the damned, and then tomorrow I will write more. And get other stuff done. But definitely the writing. Ya’ll hold me to that, okay?

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