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Monday, June 14, 2010

In case you were wondering...

Remember those aggressive goals for this month? Are you wondering how I’m doing?
  • get an overdue story to the editor (who kindly allowed me a few grace days)decided, reluctantly, to let this one go. Among other reasons, the story was insisting on becoming a novella. So now I have an erotic steampunk novella to write at some point!
  • get everything done for Out of the Frying Pan and back to TeresaDONE! We have a confab tomorrow to plan the next steps.
  • do the edits/rewrites for Waking the Witch and get them to the editor who requested themto be printed and mailed tomorrow!
  • write a story for the Mountain Magic anthology – some brainstorming done; this is next on the To Do list
  • write a story for the Crossed Genres anthologyafter some consideration, decided to let this one go, too. A balance of research time vs potential payment…and in the end, novel work won out.
  • prep “In Her Hands” for Kindle, etc. (if time) – in progress

The upshoot? I’m on track and on target. I’ve adjusted a few things here and there, but flexibility is part of the program.

Also? Loving Llyfr. File transfer between computers is so much faster—previously, I couldn’t use my laptop to open a file on Arianbach (main computer) and actually work on it. Now, happy joy.

Life-wise…not much to report. I worked all weekend, not being in the household that camped out this weekend, even though I’m friends with most of them. Ken won his rally (Yay, Ken!). I went to the LARA meeting and out to lunch with Christine (at Versailles, natch!). I made lunch dates with two friends for this week, and will be making a couple of writing dates as well.

Onwards! Or as Jason and Grant say, on to the next!

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