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Friday, July 30, 2010

Party on the high seas!

There are times in your writing career when you feel unworthy. You’ve been plodding along, things are slowly moving forward, and then someone includes in you in a list of “legendary erotica heavy-hitters” and you look around wondering who behind you they’re pointing at.

I’m having another one of those moments.

I’ve been invited to be an instructor on a writing cruise!

(That sentence really needs about a bazillion exclamation points!)

It took me about zero point two seconds to say yes. After I picked my jaw up off the ground.

So, in October 2011, I’ll be hopping on a cruise ship to Mexico and teaching writing (I’m doing a two-hour session on romance and erotica and whatever else folks want to hear me ramble about) along with Kris and Dean (the Kris & Dean Show is worth the price of admission!) and Chris and Steve York (not sure what they’ll be teaching yet) and Michael Bellomo (nonfiction).

The details I already have are below, in case you might be interested. Seriously, the cost is less than RWA (yes, it’s shorter than RWA and has fewer classes, but you’ll be on a cruise ship!)—if I weren’t teaching, I might be tempted to go just because it’s such an amazing deal!

Hmm…time to start working out so I can look hot in a bikini!


Scribes at Sea

Cruise: Long Beach, CA, to Ensenada, Mexico

Dates: October 28–31*, 2011

Cost–Cruise: starts at $327 per person (includes port fees, tax, food, lodging, shows), based on double occupancy. At least one person per cabin must be signed up for the workshops. (So bring your spouse! Or not your spouse! Heehee.)

Cost–Workshops: $400 for four workshops

Ship: The Carnival Paradise (That’s right, Styx fans: I’m cruising on the Paradise—because that isn’t deliciously ironic, is it?!)

Cruise Booking: Contact Loreene Orgoralini, Can I Go Too? Travel, loreene@canigotoo.com. Reference “Scribes at Sea.” $100 per person deposit is due at booking; the rest isn’t due until June 2011.

Workshop Booking: Contact Dottie Papin, dpapin9421@gmail.com. $50 due at registration. Payment plans available with final payment due June 2011.

More info as I get it!

*It is also not lost on me that the last day is Halloween. I may have to bring my pirate costume.


Vicki said...

That's just filled with awesome!! CONGRATS!!

Justine Elyot said...

How completely fabulous! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Ed and Marian

J. Applebee said...

You lucky soul!

I am insanely jealous.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

That sounds insanely fun, as well as a great honor to be asked.

Wish we could go. Hrrm, maybe we can...if I'm employed by then.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Teresa, the workshops may be too basic for you (gods know you wouldn't need to take mine!), although you might enjoy the Kris & Dean Show.

Cost-wise, I think it's insanely cheap for what attendees will be getting!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

If anyone's interested in going, now is the time to sign up! It may be cancelled due to not enough participants.... :-(