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Friday, July 23, 2010


July has been a stellar month so far, because I’m so very proud of my erotic fairy tales in Alison’s Wonderland and Fairy Tale Lust. But the month’s not over yet, and I have two more releases to announce!

“Lost and Found” appears in Lesbian Lust: Erotic Stories, edited by Sacchi Green. We’ve all had vacations that go bad, especially when our luggage doesn’t arrive. For Lara, it was a working vacation in Hawaii, but she planned to sneak out at least once to take surfing lessons from a sloe-eyed, sultry native. Kinda hard to do that without a suit. Like all my stories, though, this does have a happy ending…

Here’s the full TOC:

The Girl with the Bettie Page Bangs, Sommer Marsden
Reunion at St. Mary’s, Catherine Lundoff
A Midwinter Night’s Dream, Fran Walker
Camshaft Cutie, Crystal Barela
August Crazies, Miel Rose
Lovers’ Moon, Ren Peters
The Office Grind, R. G. Emanuelle
Not Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty, Teresa Noelle Roberts
Never Too Old, DeJay
Lost and Found, Andrea Dale
Canvas, Kenzie Mayer
The Angel Connection, CB Potts
A Story About Sarah, Cheyenne Blue
The Weekend, Delilah Devlin
Love and Devotion, Jove Belle
Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, Jade Melisande
Danger, Sacchi Green

Not due out ‘til next month, but available early (yay) is Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women. This one has two stories of mine, actually, both requested by Rachel (she was looking for specific themes, and I can’t resist a challenge!): “All She Wanted” as Andrea Dale and “Paying It Forward” by Kendra Wayne.

Here’s this one’s TOC:

The Waiting Game, Elizabeth Coldwell
What’s in a Name?, Jacqueline Applebee
Chemistry, Velvet Moore
The Chair, Lolita Lopez
Fixing the Pipes, Susie Hara
Share, Dusty Horn
Hurdles, Rowan Elizabeth
Seeing Stars, Louisa Harte
Old Faithful, Sylvia Lowry
Paying It Forward, Kendra Wayne
Feet on the Dashboard, Rachel Green
Frosting First, Lana Fox
All She Wanted, Andrea Dale
Making Shapes, Lily Harlem
Rapture, Angela Caperton
Rise and Shine, Heidi Champa
Taking the Reins, Vanessa Vaughn
First Date with the Dom, Noelle Keely
Animal Inside, Neve Black
The London O, Justine Elyot
Fight, Charlotte Stein
Switch, Jade Melisande

Too yummy for words, both of them!

Finally, this isn’t a new release, but a new format: The above-mentioned Alison’s Wonderland is available at Audible as an audio version! Even better, it's on sale right now! Don’t have time to read these exotic and erotic fairy stories in print? Get the audio version and enjoy them while you’re driving (well, that might not be safe, actually!) or cleaning the house (guaranteed your goal will change to dirty!) or working out (they say it’s good exercise, you know!), or…



TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Conga-rats. (And thanks for the reminder I need to post about these.)

Hey, did you know Noelle Keely is me too?

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I did know that, but I wasn't sure if you were being public about it, and I didn't want to out you!