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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A peek inside my brain

Projects I have worked on today (in no particular order):
  • continued "quick" read-through of What Beck’ning Ghost (originally completed in 1993 to refresh memory of romantic arc so I can tweak the proposal before sending it out
  • phone confab with artist I’ve offered to manage, followed up by an e-mail and some research
  • e-mail confab with friend who’s in LA this coming weekend; we’re picking her up from LAX on Friday, spending the day with her and maybe hitting a museum, etc.
  • changed hotel reservation for Crown Tournament this weekend (from just Saturday to Friday and Saturday); updated Best Western Rewards Club membership
  • made packing list for Crown Tournament and noted things I need to do in preparation for meetings with people there
  • back-and-forth phone and e-mail confabs with multiple people about buying Styx tickets tomorrow morning
  • phone call to the gentleman making a pair of objets d’art (of a sort) for us—received good news!
  • many varied e-mails about writing stuff and goodness knows what else
  • watered Eostre (with Morgana's able assistance)
  • pondered flights for September (Plattsburgh) and October (Oregon, Florida)
  • other things I've no doubt already forgotten
Popcorn kittens, anyone?!

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TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I think those kittens are breeding, hon. Better get them neutered or you'll be overrun! :-)