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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Western War recap

Things Bought
  • another Forever Twelve Taking Forever CD, since I gave my last one away
  • three small drop spindle ornaments for gifts
  • one hand-blown glass muller decorated with Caidan crosses, to use as a kumihimo weight
  • two iced mochas (couldn’t finish the second one—so yummy, but so much sugar!)
  • one custom dinner plate bearing a Welsh dragon (on order), to go with the cup I bought last year and the matching custom pitcher Ken surprised me with for Yule. Next year I’ll commission the bowl. And then maybe the cute littler bowl. And then…
  • half of a Gothic chandelier (Morgana and Brian bought the other half. It’s to use in the Shire pavilion, where we hang out at wars)

Things Lost
  • one small pennanular brooch. And the merchant selling them closed up before I got there to buy a replacement. Dammit.
  • phone & earbud (although not really – the little bag they were in had fallen into my bag of handworking projects – it’s just that I didn’t discover they were gone until we were back at the hotel, and then I fretted all night)
  • one handmade amber and pearl earring. Dammit.
  • hand-crocheted purple capelet with silver heart-shaped pin (I dropped it one night whilst wandering around – and thankfully I retraced my steps and found it)

Things Found
  • one bone button – turned in to Lost & Found
  • wonderful friends I hadn’t seen in far too long!


Anonymous said...

Do you guys need candles for the chandelier? I still have a ton of the electric ones (pillar and votive) left over from last year I'd be happy to donate to the cause.

- Alia/Cathy

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

The pillars won't fit in the glass globes, and I'm not sure if we need more votives. Although the globes are for oil, Morgana says she doesn't like the smell, and wants to try votives, but I'm not sure they're strong enough. We have a bunch; I'd suggest checking w/her to see if she feels there are enough.

A few more pillars around the pavilion might be welcomed, though!