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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Things to Do Today

  • Go to the gym.
  • Read through at least 100 pages of Out of the Frying Pan.
  • Answer various work-related e-mails.
  • Do dishes/make big salad for lunch/cut up watermelon/do dishes/make dinner (Trader Joe’s curry chicken over brown rice with Thai soup, the latter already meade)/do dishes again.
  • Scoop cat boxes.
  • Update GWW packing list/meet with Morgana, Brian, and Robin to make GWW plans.
  • Cheer for Ken as he runs the LOE Rally.
  • Answer various personal- and SCA-related e-mails.
  • Try not to be sad that nobody wanted to see James Marsters and Ghost of a Robot tonight. Curse my evil bad eyesight. Sigh.
  • Snuggle with kitties, and write a blog about them.

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