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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yesterday, in the airport waiting for Ken, I…
  • did an hour and half of copy editing
  • wrote 700 words on Out of the Frying Pan
  • drafted my Kingdom Chronicler article

That was after getting some work done on the living/dining room curtains and helping Morgana clean her dining room.

Today I…
  • had an acupuncture appointment (Despite my best efforts, acupuncture does not have a double C in it.)
  • did the Trader Joe’s food shopping
  • picked up a spiral-cut ham at the Honey-Baked Ham place (Irony: We asked Ken’s mom to bring a ham to the family Thanksgiving. But then my sister changed her plans again and now isn’t arriving until Friday—moving family Thanksgiving to Saturday—so Morgana and Brian invited us to their Thanksgiving tomorrow…and asked us to bring a ham.)
  • did a bunch more sewing on the curtains
  • copy edited for an hour and a half
  • answered a bunch of e-mail
  • snuggled with Ken and watched some TV (more of that to come!)

Tomorrow, I need to…
  • sew the linings to the eight curtain panels. Has to be done tomorrow, so that Morgana can help me finish them on Friday.
  • decorate the house for Thanksgiving (predicated on Ken getting the boxes out of the attic)
  • make sure my Friday food shopping list is complete
  • sort the silver
  • wash the extra china
  • copy edit, ideally for two hours
  • clean the hot tub
  • write
  • go to Thanksgiving dinner at Morgana and Brian’s

Friday, I’ll be…
  • picking up Thanksgiving dinner and bunch of groceries
  • putting the makings for spagetti sauce in the crock pot
  • tidying the house, putting out sheets and towels, etc.
  • finishing the curtains and putting them up
  • writing
  • copy editing
  • hanging out with my sister and her family when they arrive!

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Christine Ashworth said...

Sounds like a nice combination of domestic and writing related days! Enjoy the family and be safe out there while driving today...hugs, honey!