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Monday, January 03, 2011

Return to Wildwood now available as an e-book

The ancestral mansion and lands Julia inherits from her aunts comes with a price: regular tribute to the lord of the forest in exchange for his protection. The Green Man regains his power when Julia freely submits to him, finding true ecstasy in the pleasure and pain. When a shady developer threatens Julia, her guardian spirit saves her, and her gratitude comes in the form of the perverse rituals she’s grown to crave.

“In Andrea Dale’s ‘Return to Wildwood,’ Julia inherits the ancestral home along with its mysteries: ‘Every mistress of Wildwood has kept to the rituals.’ There’s a villain making her an offer she can’t refuse and a woodland guardian spirit offering protection in return for submission both painful and ecstatic… ”
– Gary Switch, www.sensuoussadie.com

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