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Monday, April 04, 2011

What I really want

So, my birthday’s coming up, and I meant to post this earlier, but hopefully there’s still time.

I don’t need presents, really. I’ve got Stuff. If you’ve already gone to my wish list and bought me Stuff, then thank you in advance! But if you haven’t, may I make a couple of wee suggestions?

1. What I want, what I really want, is this: If you’ve read something of mine and enjoyed it, post a review. Give it stars, however many you think it deserves. (If you hated it, I’d rather you didn’t post a review, but that’s up to you!) Post it at the site where you bought it, or post it on your blog, or poke one of your friends until s/he buys it. Yes, I’m asking you to promo my work. It’s my birthday, and that’s my wish.

2. If you’ve got the cash, buy something of mine as a gift for a friend. Would So-and-So really love A Little Night Music? Did Whosiwhatsit just get a Kindle or Nook and is looking for some fun reads?

3. Also, and only if you’ve got the cash, I’m missing copies of some of my own work. I try to have at least two copies: one for my shelves and one in a safe location away from my house in case of catastrophe. (Yes, I know an author who’s house burned down, years ago, and he still hasn’t managed to get his hands on a copy of everything he’s published in.)

Here’s a list of everything I don’t have a second copy of:

Used books are fine as long as they're "like new" or otherwise in great shape.

If possible, buying them via my Amazon store gives me a wee little kickback and takes no more time for you (because I've included links—just clickety-click!). However, if you have a strong preference for another store, that's totally groovy, too.

If I get a lot of one particular title, I'll put some aside for giveaways and prizes. (I do plan to do some of those soon, too!)

Thanks, and have a safe and happy day on my birthday!

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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

A big shout out and thank you to Nanci and Lenny, who donated Sex at the Sports Club and Sex in Uniform to the cause! *\o/*