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Monday, May 16, 2011

What I've been doing and what I'm about to do

Good gods, ya’ll, I’ve been traveling so much I’ve barely had time to keep up on work, much less update about what I’ve been doing!

I spent this past weekend in Oregon at another workshop (this one business-oriented rather that writing-oriented). I swear, as soon as we hit Lincoln City, all I could think was “But I wanna stay the whole week and write!” but alas, no. The workshop was intense but hugely helpful and informative, and it was as always fabby to reconnect with old friends (there were five of us from the first Master Class in March 2002) and meet new OWN writers (there were several folks for whom this was their first OWN workshop).

Back in Portland, I spent Sunday night with friends, and now I’m on the plane home. Ken’s picking me up and we’re going to buy me a new motorcycle helmet to match his new one—both with Bluetooth so we can talk to each other without plugging in!—and I may have time to get a new tattoo (a motorcycle helmet and a tattoo in the same day would make me feel entirely badass), and then I’m going be on a radio show talking about fantasy and writing and fandom and generally being a geek. A badass geek, that’s me.

Then we’re home for 2.5 days, which will include two bootcamp workouts, one cat to the vet, one dentist appt, and as much work as I can cram in, before we hop on the bike and head for AZ and NM. AZ is a Styx show (110! which doesn’t have as special a ring as 100, but it’s one-tenth of the way to my second 100, right?!), and in NM is our dear friend Vicki-Marie, who lives in Paris but is visiting a friend in Albuquerque. Also in NM is my friend/fellow writer Pati Nagle, who is also a tea aficionado (one of the many things we have in common), so she’s making reservations for all of us at a primo tea shop in the area.

And then we’ll ride home and I’ll try not to collapse because what I’ll really need to do is writewritewrite! (And uploaduploadupload! more stories, and readreadread! more anthologies for the Short Story Workshop in June, and designdesigndesign! my first POD novel, and possible editeditedit! a copyediting job, and…!)

But right now I have to turn off the computer in preparation for our descent, where my beloved awaits me!


Update, many, many hours later:

Did ya’ll listen to me on The Geek Agenda? If not, never fear! It will be rebroadcast and podcasted. Hopefully I didn’t sound too dorky. If I did, don’t tell me. Personally, I had a blast, and I hope I get to do it again!

I did stop at Sunset Strip Tattoo to discuss my tattoo, but didn’t have time to do it before the show. I decided towards the end of dinner (after the show) that I was just too tired. It was really the fiddly pre-tattoo bits of making the transfer and making sure it was where I wanted it, etc., that I didn’t have the energy I for. If it was crooked, I probably would have still said “Fine! Just do it!” and that would have a been a bad thing. So. Back to Hollywood at a later (but hopefully not too later) date for that.

Now, after several nights with not nearly enough sleep, I’m off to snuggle with my beloved and my kittays. Because tomorrow…see above re: writewritewrite! etc.

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