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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My morning so far

My morning so far:

1 am
set alarm for 7:30 am to take cats to vet. ugh.

7:30 am
alarm goes off

7:31 am
look across room. why does Ken’s clock say 6:31?

7:32 am
go to office, determine from cell phone that it reallly is 6:32 am

6:33 am
WTF happened to my alarm clock? reset time/alarm

7:09 am
give up trying to go back to sleep

The next 20 minutes consist of failing to give Eostre her first pill, losing her second pill, eating a hard-boiled egg, getting dressed, getting out the cat boxes, spraying the cat boxes with Feliway, and saying to Ken “I’ll pull the car around.”

The next 10 minutes consist of the cats wailing in their boxes while we scour the house, garage, and even the recycling bin outside for the car keys. (Ken swears the backup key is in the garage, which I interpret as “Well, hell, we’ll never see that again.”) Inexplicably find keys in the basket I use to carry stuff around the house in, even though Ken was the last one to use the keys when he unloaded the car after our Costco run yesterday. Suspect the cats hid them.

8:15 am
return home to empty house

I’m never comfortable when the cats are left at the vet. I suspect there isn’t enough tea in the world to get me through today….

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