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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ken update: Soon out of ICU

Ken will be moved out of ICU today (once the order processes through), which is a big step in the right direction! Now he can have clear liquids, which he’s really happy about because he’s been very thirsty (it’s very dry in the hospital). They also expect to get him up and walking a little bit. Wow.

He’s sore all over, which isn’t surprising at all, but thankfully no sharp pain; the drugs are doing their job. It hurts to breath deeply, but they’re pushing him to do that to keep his lungs in good shape. Turns out he did have surgery on his right hands so he has titanium pins in three fingers.

It’s occurred to me that with his right hand broken and his left arm in a sling (because of the broken shoulder), he’s going to require constant care for awhile.  O.o  Meep.

Re: phone calls and texts. There are several reasons why I’ve asked ya’ll not to call or text….
  1. I’m already on the phone a lot keeping family updated, coordinating with local friends who are helping out, canceling appointments, etc. Sometimes I’m getting texts while I’m on the phone, or multiple calls, and I can’t juggle everything.
  2. I’m talking to doctors/nurses/etc. and thus can’t stop to answer the phone.
  3. I’m grabbing rest whenever I can. I can’t turn off the phone in case a nurse needs to reach me, plus I use the phone as my alarm clock.
  4. I'm sitting with Ken most of the time, and if he's sleeping, the phone can wake him up.
  5. I’m rapidly running out of phone battery, even w/frequent charging.
  6. My earpiece died and I don’t have the charging cord (hoping to get another today, but we’ll see). It’s easier for me to hear and much more comfy to talk with an earpiece, so I’m less inclined to chat when I don’t have one.
Please believe me, I’m reading all of your emails and blog comments and FB and Twitter responses, and when Ken’s more awake I’m going to read them all to him, too. Right now there’s not a lot I need, and I’m getting hold of folks who can help when I do need something. When I get Ken home, I know I’ll need more help then.

Also, please check back here for updates on how he’s doing. This is the easiest/fastest way to keep everyone up to speed. I’ll post notes on FB/Twitter when I’ve updated here. I’m doing quickie updates on FB/Twitter (like when he got the breathing tube out) but full info will go here.

I simply don’t have time to answer individual responses, and you know why? Because I have so many fucking awesome friends that I can’t keep up. That’s what you all get for being too fucking amazing for words.

Oh, and more thank-yous:
  • Nanci and Lenny for rescuing my car from the hotel in Ontario
  • Brian and Brad for rescuing Ken’s bike
  • Shannon and Stephen, Ken’s amazing nurses

Now, if I could just track down what happened to his wallet… It was in his motorcycle jacket, which according to the guy who rescued his bike is “only partial and in shreds.” I’m guessing it was cut off him at the scene.  O.o


Phaedra Weldon said...

Will do. Just keep us posted when you can! Love to you both.


nkarenfo said...

Love and prayers sent to you and Ken. Hugs to both... okay, air hug to Ken!

Karen F.

Anonymous said...

How bad is the bike?

Kimluvswinston said...

Wow Dayle, this whole experience is just mind-blowing. I'm so glad he's OK and you're there with him. Keeping a blog is a great idea so you're not constantly pestered with giving updates.
Good luck to you. He's lucky to have you. xoxo
Kim Gregory

Runner said...

All of us in the IBA riding community are thinking of you, Ken, and all your family.

ACCBiker said...

I have ridden with (actually behind, far behind) Ken on a number of rallies and I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your and Ken's way. I know that he will heal soon and be out in front once again.

Athens, GA

Jerry White said...

Tell Supermeese that I'm very sorry this happened, and am sending him best wishes for a complete recovery.

Dave Dragon said...

All the best for a speedy recovery Ken.
Dayle, please take care of yourself during this extraordinarily stressful time.

Teresa said...

Thank the gods it wasn't worse (bad as it was) and you guys have a great support crew in place. Love you both and sending good energy. I didn't look at FB or blogs at all yesterday so I missed this until now. I'll be checking back frequently and we'll be praying and doing what we can in that regard--but I won't call until you give the OK.


D. Shealey said...


I was keeping the BMWLT group updated on Ken's progress in the rally, and we were really excited on how well he was doing. I had heart palpitations when I saw his tracker stop moving on that very lonely road. It took some time for word to get out that he had been in an accident, and although were really disappointed for him, we were overjoyed when we found that he had come through it as well as he did.

He has a lot of friends in the group, and we all think he would have been "the" winner, we all know he is "A" winner.

Jason said...

Heal fast and fully, Ken. Dayle, if y'all need anything, have someone post a message to LD Rider or any of the other lists/forums and we'll do whatever we're able.


1dreamr said...

Sending many, many prayers ... so glad Ken is going to be alright....

Jeff n Cindy said...

I met Ken at the 10 n 10 Rally last year and was following his progress in the IBR very closely.

He may not remember me but please tell him that Jeff & Cindy Powell are wishing him a speedy recovery.

PS My wife knows what it's like to get that phone call. Fortunately it was Ron Smith who made the initial call (and I was not as badly injured) and then I was able to talk to her. Please remember to take care of yourself as well as Ken.

Fran said...

Dayle, dear heart, thank you so much for all the detailed up dates. They are much appreciated when you have so much to juggle. It will be understandable if you have to step away from the keyboard to focus on Ken, or even yourself. (hint)

I know we've, unfortunately, discussed this before, but just try to take everthing one small step at a time to the best of your ability.

We love you both so much.

Maura said...

Hoping for a rapid and complete recovery! Big hugs to you both.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

Pete Bansen said...

Dayle -
I live about 30 minutes away in Truckee. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help - including getting you a phone charger and an extra battery or whatever will help. John Austin knows how to reach me.

Pete Bansen

pink&black said...

Great!!!!!!!! Uncle ken I'm so excited to hear your progress, I'm so glad your going to be okay, let me say it again I'm so glad your going to be okay. We miss you and I can't wait to talk to you. I told the kids what happen and they said you can have grandma's bike, but I told them it wasent a BMW then they said to just give you my car I laughed so hard I almost cried. Kids what will they come up with next. But anyway you hang in there it sounds like you have alot of people that truly car about you. We love you. Love always, Baylee, Elijah, Amari and Amiyah Atlanta, GA

Chris said...

Hooray for more progress! Keeping you in my thoughts. You know where to reach me if there is anything I can do. My love to both of you!

Doug Barrett said...

My thoughts are with the both of you. I am so grateful Ken is going to be OK and that he has so many caring people in his life.

I am thinking of his smiling face in Providence at the capital, when he took the time to spend a moment with me, and look forward to seeing him smile again. I will get a closer picture of him next time I get a chance.

Christine Ashworth said...

Thanks so much for the update. Sending love and hugs to you and Ken. SO glad he's got exceptional nurses!


thumbwave said...

If I didn't also have such an awesome spouse I would trade places with Ken in a heartbeat despite his condition. You are the best Dayle!! You take our worries about Ken away. Ken: don't be trying to figure out how those titanium pins can work into some LD farkle... Just focus on healing up! ;). ++ Craig Chaddock

biodsl said...

Prayers for strength and comfort.

jim said...

GET WELL soon Ken. We're all pulling for your health and quality of recovery.

Let us know what your needs are Dayle

jim wilson

jim said...

Get well as soon as possible. don't rush it. quality is the key to your health.

Dayle, let us know what your needs are.

jim wilson

Anonymous said...

I am wishing you a speedy recovery Ken. With your super wife by your side this will be just a minor sidetrack. I wish you two the best.

Go Far said...

Laura and I are hoping for a speedy recovery. Turn that charm on those nurses and therapists and get well quickly!!
Dick Peek
Park City, UT

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Ken is doing better. Keep hanging in there, and as others have said make sure you take care of yourself too! Good vibes and prayers still headed your way.

Lowell said...

Thanks for these updates, great to hear that such good progress is being made. Gwellhad buan!

Lisa L said...

Ken and Dayle
So sorry I missed your call yesterday but it was good to hear his voice and know he's on the road to recovery. Ken left your number but I have not called back for all the reasons you listed on your page. I'm just glad to know things are improving and you both are well taken care of. You know how to reach me should you need anything at all. Sounds like he'll be moved closer to home soon and that will be a huge relief for you. hugs to you both!!