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Sunday, August 07, 2011


So, I’ve been terrible about keeping up with my Done lists. They seem to end up on my To Do lists, which I’m kinda not supposed to be keeping. But if I don’t, I forget stuff. Oh, the things that fall out of my brain….

Here's this weekend:

Saturday’s Done List
  • put away four loads of laundry (one previous load plus three today)
  • washed four loads of laundry (darks, lights, hoodies, and delicates)
  • dishes
  • swept and mopped kitchen
  • took out trash and recycling
  • put away stuff from Pirate Tourney (or at least put it in the sewing/garb room)
  • made dinner (seasoned and heated a chicken dish from a friend)
  • watched the second ep of Masterpiece Mysteries “Zen” as well as an ep of “Alphas” with Ken
  • worked on lesbian romance collection  (pondered cover art, mocked up sample cover for ebook; finished writing notes for each story; made full document with intro, stories, about the author, etc.) 
Sunday’s Done List
  • delivered message to tenant and arranged taking her shopping next week
  • went out to lunch with Ken
  • went grocery shopping with Ken
  • did dishes. twice.
  • scooped three litterboxes and refilled the Kitling’s food and water
  • did paperwork with Ken
  • did 13K words of a copyediting job
  • made dinner (stuffed Monterey sole from grocery store, corn on the cob, brown rice)
  • answered a bunch of email
  • designed a thank-you card for the woman who found Ken after the accident and called 911 and stayed there until emergency services arrived (this involved photopaper, note card stock, and a glue stick, among other things. Fear my crafty power!)
  • dealt with a few work-related emails

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s going to be a busy one:
  • someone’s coming to replace the windshield on my car. Ken’s dealing with that. Which is a good thing, because they could arrive as early as 8 am
  • our cleaning lady is coming to do windows and scrub out our fireplace
  • Ken has his first therapy appointment for his hand and shoulder
  • we’re having dinner with a friend

Somewhere in there, I have to…wait. I’m not supposed to be making To Do lists. ARGH!


Marcy Gentemann said...

Can you complete my list too?

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

We could trade!