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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lukewarm cups of tea

Ken left at something like 4 am today to meet his mom to go look at some historic train that’s in the area for only today. Clearly I didn’t go with him, mainly because he and his mom enjoy having time together like this (he’s an awesome son!). I was originally planning to go to Isles Anniversary, but a forecast of morning rain and a high of 58° made me re-think that plan, plus, you know, work. Workity workity work. I haven’t been very productive—I’ve been feeling like warmed-over crap, really, with the mental/emotional/creative energy of something that has pretty much no mental/emotional/creative energy (I was going to say “a fruit fly” or “a wombat” but who am I to judge how much mental/emotional/creative energy those things have? If wombats had opposable thumbs, they might paint wombatly masterpieces, for all I know. Hm. Okay, how about the mental/emotional/creative energy of a lukewarm cup of tea? That’s pretty accurate, actually.)

Where was I? Right, I haven’t been very productive, although I’ve been chipping away at things, slowly. I have a couple of bad days and then I have an okay day, and I’m trying to learn not to turn the okay day into a day where I frantically try to catch up, exhaust myself, and have more bad days. So yesterday I focused on copyediting and personal/home/SCA email, and I did a mound of dishes and assisted Ken with dinner (shrimp scampi over wholegrain thin spaghetti along with roasted brussels sprouts NOM).

I slept in today, by which I mean, I had a headache for part of the night so I stayed in bed longer than I might normally have. It’s mostly gone now, anyway. Thus far I’ve eaten shrimp scampi for breakfast (do not judge me) and done an hour’s worth of copyediting. Next on deck:
  • drink protein shake while sitting outside with kitlings and reading the second Castle book, Naked Heat
  • eat a banana
  • go for a run/walk
  • shower, probably have a snack
  • finish a short story
  • do another hour or so of copyediting (I need to have this one done before Thanksgiving, and we’ve got a busy few days leading up to Thanksgiving, so I want to get ahead)
  • get another short story uploaded
  • promo recently uploaded stories
  • watch videos on how to design books in In Design, because all I’ve ever designed in In Design are booklets, and they’re different. Argh.
  • eat dinner (possibly more shrimp scampi, or maybe a caprese sandwich)

Damn, that looks like a lot. We’ll see. Don’t want to overdo it and feel like a lukewarm cup of tea. (That sounds like bad poetry.)

And I need to get back into the habit of writing down (and maybe posting) my Done Lists….

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