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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Speak and ye shall be…read!

OMG you guys! One of my editors bought me a copy of DragonDictate! How sweet is that?! So far it's been super-helpful with e-mails, and I'm using it for this blog post. I'm not sure how it will work with fiction; I suspect it'll be easier for me to write longhand and then transcribe. (Although really, transcribe is the opposite of what I mean, isn't it? I'm so confused….)

The program really is amazing. I'm stunned by how many words it knows. It'll be interesting to see how it handles erotica terminology, though! I also have to really enunciate “exclamation point…”

We spent the end of last week at NAMM, a music industry convention. We got to chat with several members of Styx, and Ken got to meet one of the members of Iron Maiden, among other artists we ran into. More importantly, we got to hang out with great friends, and we had a wonderful time. Pictures forthcoming on Facebook and Flickr.

Despite the fact that I seem to be coming down with a second cold on the heels of my previous cold, I'm in much better spirits. The vacation really helped. Tomorrow, we pick up our friend Sara from the airport and head to Anaheim for the first of two Styx concerts. Or maybe three; we're going to head up to the Chumash Casino and see if they release any good tickets last minute. If not, we’ll just go to Solvang and drown our sorrows in √¶belskivers. We also plan to go to a Geoff Tate wine signing and then see him in SLO for a solo concert. We’re also going to shoehorn in a visit to the Hollyhock House in LA and maybe a whale-watching tour.

Meanwhile, I've been working hard at the publishing side of my job, and have a few new stories already available, plus a new collection almost ready to be published.

Never a dull moment! See you on the flipside!

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