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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My precious....

Back in February, we discovered our hot tub had died. Not with a bang, but with a whimper: When we went to put chemicals in it, it was cold. Ken re-set everything multiple times, but no luck.

A week or two later, Ken was poking around for some computer stuff on Craigslist and just as he was about to log out, he thought, I wonder what’s in the free section? Probably nothing but junk.

At which point he discovered a free, working hot tub that had been posted mere minutes before.

Not just a free, working hot tub, but an enormous, reasonably new 5+ person tub in fantastic shape. O.O

I looked it up. Although it’s a 2005 model, it’s essentially a $4000 hot tub. It’ll need a new cover, and some of the jets need tweaking, but that’s it. Dudes.

You know in Alien, when you’re freaked out by the baby alien, and then the momma alien comes out? The new hot tub makes our old hot tub look like the baby alien.

Goodbye, little dinky used hot tub whose jets never worked. You did serve us well, tiny as you were.

Hello, my precious….

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