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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A serene and overcast Saturday

So far today, I’ve…
  • woken up early with a start to realize the lawn guys are here and I have to unlock the back gate. So much for getting a full 8 hours!
  • made my usual egg-over-medium and brown rice for breakfast
  • assembled a huge vat of spagetti sauce
  • done dishes
  • bought tickets to Def Leppard at the Santa Barbara Bowl (GA! Wooh!)

And on tap for the rest of the day…
  • bootcamp
  • shower
  • grocery and pharmacy runs
  • finish a short story
  • read at least 100 pages of the novel I’m editing (preferably 150 or even 200)
  • vaccuum TV room
  • tidy dining room
  • host Girls’ Night! We’re going to eat spaghetti and watch Thor.
  • maybe relax in the hot tub before bed?

It’s a serene, overcast Saturday, and I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of it!

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