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Monday, June 18, 2012

Eine Klein Spanking by Clarice Clique

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Clarice Clique on my blog, as part of the Bound by Lust blog tour. Based on the steamy excerpt she's posted below, I'm looking forward to reading her story when I get my comp copies of the anthology! I hope you are, too.
~ ~ ~
I started writing erotic stories to amuse a close friend; a more creative way of flirting, or just me being plain slutty, I’ll let you decide!

That was years ago, but my story included in Bound by Lust, "Eine Klein Spanking," was written in the same way as my very first stories, with one special reader in mind. A friend of mine was going through a hard time, losing both his job and girlfriend in quick succession, and I wrote something that I hope would cheer him up.

"Eine Klein Spanking" is lighter than some of my other erotica, although it focuses on power relationships in BDSM play which is one of my favourite subjects as you’ll soon realise if you read any of my other stories.

I write about BDSM more than anything else, not just for the obvious reason that it is my own particular perversion, but because I like the drama and tension it naturally creates as my characters explore their own and each others’ limits. In ‘Eine Klein Spanking’ Audrey is an experienced sub, but when she falls for her new German neighbour she faces the problem of how to introduce her sexual kinkiness into their sweet romantic relationship. This is a situation a few of my friends have experienced; meeting someone at a fetish night skips all the need for explanation, chatting to the cute guy in the office means that at some point you have to work out if he’s the type that likes to spank or be spanked. I’ve been very lucky and found that my partners are all very open minded however innocent they appear on the outside.

Here is an excerpt from the book to whet your taste, this is Audrey’s first time with her German lover. Enjoy.

 ~ ~ ~ 

In the end my lust beat my patience down and I gave up waiting to be seduced. My first encounters were usually passion fuelled, clothes ripping, affairs that happened in alleyways, on staircases, in toilets, leaving my body raw and bruised. With my new German boyfriend I took his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom, moved the big pink teddy off the bed, and we lay down together fully clothed and faced each other. I put my arms around him and we kissed, gentle loving kisses. My hands slid down the back of his jeans, I pressed my tongue between his lips and as he responded I moved my hand around to the front and began to slowly wank him. He moaned and rolled onto his back, I undid his belt and pulled his pants down. His cock was even larger than I’d imagined, I didn’t attempt to deep throat it, instead sucking and licking the head while one of my hands squeezed his balls. My other hand pulled up my skirt and I rubbed my thumb over my clit. I was happy tasting him, breathing in the scent of his sex, and waiting for the moment when his confidence and desire grew and he’d put his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down onto the full length of his cock.

~ ~ ~ 

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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Welcome, Clarice! So nice to have you (er, so to speak)!

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Tasty! Looking forward to reading your story and all the rest. Contributors' copies just arrived.