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Monday, July 02, 2012

And then Bigfoot drop-kicked Alice Cooper....

“If you can spend a  perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.”  —Lin Yutang

Anyone following my Twitter/FB/G+ feeds Ssaturday knows that we abandoned any and all plans to do anything useful that day once I discovered SyFy was running a marathon of their cheesy movies. We grabbed our computers (because you don’t really have to watch the movies constantly) and settled ourselves onto the sofa.

More importantly, it was the one-year anniversary of Ken’s accident. Although we’d talked about doing something to celebrate his being alive (and healthier than he was before the accident!), we never nailed down what to do. What could be better than this?

We started our day with the tail end of Rage of the Yeti, which was just about as awfully good (or wonderfully bad) as the title suggests. We really didn’t have to see the first five-sixths of the movie to follow the plot.

Then it was on to The Lost Tribe, which apparently originally starred Jewel Staite, but then they rewrote/reshot it w/o her, which explains why the movie made little sense. I got a lot of email and online stuff during this one. Near the end, we never bothered unmuting it after a commercial break. Guess you also don’t need to hear these things, either….

The Lost Future appropriately came next. The DVR description promised Intense Sexual Situations (or something like that), but there were NONE, and I was PEEVED. It did have Sean Bean, though, and some other eye candy. During this one, I did some online publishing work.

Partway through Abominable, we mutually agreed that our brains were dribbling out of our ears and it was time to take a break. We made a batch of healthy popsicles (buttermilk, banana, raspberry, and honey), shoved those in the freezer, got out the ground beef and ground turkey to defrost for tonight’s meatloaf, acquired snacks, tidied the kitchen, and resumed our sprawl on the sofa. Ken burned some CDs we’d recently acquired (Amanda Palmer’s Several Attempts to Cover Songs by The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed* for Neil Gaiman as his Birthday Approaches [*and Other Stuff], Sun Domingo’s Songs for End Times [they opened for Marillion and we loved them], and Playing Away, a compilation of songs by members of Marillion with other projects), and then we returned to our orgy of visual media.

Our palate cleanser was The Young Victoria, our latest Netflix disc. Partway through the extras, we paused to make the meatloaf (meatslab, actually, because we had extra meat, so we flattened the whole thing so it would cook in the same amount of time), steamed Brussels sprouts, and salad. We watched an episode of Once Upon a Time with dinner (we’re still catching up on a few series—two more to go to finish out the season on this one).

Then it was on to Bigfoot. Danny Bonaduce! Sherilyn Fenn! Howard Hesseman! Barry Williams! This movie was made of cheesy win even before Bigfoot drop-kicked Alice Cooper. Special effects were awful, acting was dodgy, plot made no sense. But Bigfoot drop-kicked Alice Cooper…!

Wine was involved.

Finally, we also recorded Mega Python Vs. Gateroid, starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. I missed this one the first time around and was very sad. As yet, we haven’t had time to watch it, though.

So that was our Saturday. How was yours?

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