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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Various bits of happy writing news

I've been busy traveling (the latest trip was family-related, so not quite a vacation, although it's always wonderful to see my mother and sister and niece and my niece's kids, and it was good to have Ken with me), so I'm behind on, well, everything! So here's a quick drive-by about some recent happy news where my work is concerned.

  • I sold a reprint of my lesbian vampire BDSM story "Devouring Heart" to Coming Together: In Vein! All of the Coming Together anthologies are for charity, and I'm always delighted to be a part of them. Coming Together: In Vein will support Doctors Without Borders, which is fucking fabulous! I'll post ordering info once I learn more.
  • I received preliminary acceptance for another short story for a Cleis Press lesbian erotic romance anthology! I hesitate to announce details until I have the final word, but suffice to say I'm thrilled. It was a difficult story to write (involving a parent suffering from Alzheimer's) but I'm very, very proud of the result, and have my fingers crossed that it passes the final review.
  • My story "Fear Not" is slated to appear in Cleis Press's Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination, edited by the inestimable D.L. King, and it's scheduled for publication just a few days after my birthday! You can preorder it now by clicking on the link above. Here's the  gorgeous cover for you to ogle, which will certainly make you want to preorder it.  ;-)

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