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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stuff your stocking!

I’m sorry this blog has become all about my print books, but I’m so excited about my print books, and this is what I’ve been working hard on lately, so they’re all coming out at once….

“Braceleted” is actually a long-ish short story (9K words, so the print book is 48 pages long), but I wanted to have something for sale that’s a little less expensive at $5.99. Just the right price for a gift to slip in your honey’s stocking…or the stocking of someone you hope will be your honey….

Nell Sheridan was Sutter’s Fork’s wild child, and she ran off to travel the world as soon as she possibly could. But now she’s back for a visit…and back into the arms of Lucas Brandt. Except when she left, she and Lucas had agreed there was no spark.

Now? It’s not a spark, it’s an inferno—all because Lucas holds her wrists. In the bedroom, Nell discovers when she’s restrained, she can fly free. Will that be enough to make her want to stay with Lucas in Sutter’s Fork?

Warning: Contains explicit sex, light bondage, and true love. You know…all the good stuff.

Of course, it’s also available as an e-book if that’s how you swing.  ;-)

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