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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kaboom! Go the nasties

The cats are getting their comprehensive vet exams today, which includes getting their teeth cleaned, so we’re using the opportunity while they’re out of the house to bug bomb the place, as they somehow seem to have acquired fleas (even though they never go outdoors).

Holy moly, what a PITA this is! All our dishes and food had to be removed from the house. Where did we get all these dishes? Why do we have so many serving platters. How old is that cereal?

I suppose it’s also a good opportunity to wipe down cabinets, etc., and re-organize everything (we seem to have party supplies – paper plates, plastic tableware, etc. – all over the place), but still. I’m exhausted already. And it looks like all the china teacups need to be cleaned anyway, so I’ll be doing that in stages over the next few days.

We’re settled in our favorite restaurant/tea shop (Fresh & Fabulous) for a couple hours of computer work before we go back home and open all the windows and doors. I’m happily full of their stellar ham-and-cheese quiche and am sipping my favorite Queen Victoria tea, and trying to wake up….

Another exciting Day in the Life!

Edited to add: Funny side story: We'd already taken out all the glasses and the water dispenser, so I went in the cabinet to see if we had a bottle of water (we mostly use stainless steel water bottles, but we have a few disposables as well). I grabbed one that was half full, opened it, too a slug…and then ran to the bathroom to spit it out, because someone had apparently filled it with vodka. I don't know who did this!! And I like vodka as much as the next girl, it was not what I wanted at 9 o'clock on the morning. Fuck no.


Mom said...

OK It's time to fess up. When I was getting ready to go home after the wonderful 101 Party, I asked Ken for a little of the vodka to take home. I really only need a cup or so and did not want to buy a whole bottle. He put the vodka in an empty water bottle and when I left I forgot to take it.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Bwahahahahaha! Mystery solved - and in the most unlikely way!