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Monday, January 14, 2013

Office update: writing side, pictures

Hm, I thought it might be fun to post work-in-progress pics every day—I’m having so much fun setting up the office, and later this week we’ll start stripping the paint from the downstairs office, and I know I want to document that as we go.

Here’s what the writing side of the office looks like right now:
Items of note, from left to right:
  • On the desk, proof copies of Written on the Coast (fantasy collection) and Give In (BDSM erotica collection), which arrived today! Can’t wait to dive into them and clean up the final errors so I can put these lovely books on sale!
  • Next to those, my desktop labyrinth, a Yule gift from Morgana and Brian. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and it’ll be a perfect meditative tool when I need to focus. (Hey, focus, one of my words for the year!)
  • On the bulletin board, the top sheet is my production schedule (broken out by weeks) and the bottom is the list of erotica stories published through Soul’s Road Press, noting which ones I have to re-do the covers for and which ones need to be uploaded to Kobo.
  • Llyfr (“book” in Welsh), my laptop, with my current WIP on screen in Scrivener.
  • New 27-inch monitor for book design (not yet hooked up)!
  • Pre-Raphaelite “Soul of the Rose” mousepad. (By comparison, on the home side of the room, I use a Torchwood mousepad.)

Meanwhile, I hung this Goddess picture over my writing chair today, and re-hung another one piece of art with the same gold cord. Above that (only half-visible) is a fishing globe I bought during my very first Oregon Writers Network workshop almost 13 years ago.

I want to buy a small (ideally antique) round wooden table for between the chair and the door, for my cuppa tea when I’m working.
Ideally I’d like to move the yearbooks and photo albums at the top of the bookshelf somewhere else, but that’s the only place they currently fit. The bottom two and a half shelves are children’s and YA books; not sure what’s going to go on the remaining shelf and a half. Maybe mysteries, because I don’t actually have many of those.

That’s it for today!

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