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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A blog about why I haven't blogged

There are generally three reasons I stop blogging regularly:
  • I’m not feeling well
  • I’m too busy writing/working
  • I’m too busy with other things

All three of these things have hit me this month alone, in a different order:
  • I went to five Styx concerts in six days, including hosting a friend from Minnesota for three of them, and she won the VIP Experience with Tommy Shaw so I got to show my inner 17-year-old what the back of the stage looks like.
  • I then came down with a cold, which knocked me on my butt for about five days.
  • I’m about to head off to two workshops in Oregon, both of which had/have stories due ahead of time (story #1 was due at midnight tonight, and has been finished and mailed [and it’s probably the suckiest story I’ve ever written, but it’s finished and mailed, so, onwards]; story #2 is due Wednesday at midnight and has been started, but we leave tomorrow morning, spend tomorrow night with my sister, and then are taking two more days to get up the coast, arriving Wednesday afternoon and then going out to dinner with friends, so OMFG this story needs to get written somewhere in all of that), and I’m working on two copyediting jobs, one of which is on a tight-ish deadline (I’m actually serving as editor and publisher of the book, even though it won’t be published by Soul’s Road Press), and I need to prep materials for the book sale at the California Dreamin’ conference (order comp copies, order some SRP promo cards) that’s less than two weeks after we return from OR, and I have to catch up on business correspondence.

All of which is to say, I’ll actually have a couple of "free" days in OR before the first workshop starts, so maybe I’ll write a blog post then. Except that I have another story to finish, and several languishing novels, and don’t get me started about the design for What Beck’ning Ghost, and….


Anonymous said...

Definitely sound crazy busy. Have fun at the workshop.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, Maggie! It's crazy busy, but SO fun! Wish you could be there!