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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My soul is full of energy

Workshop #1 is over, which was The Business and Craft of Short Fiction. Amazing stuff; for me, this one built on the Short Story Workshop (which I took right before Ken’s accident, after which I didn’t write for months), so it was almost as if it shook free some of the information from the previous workshop. Also, my submitted short story made the first cut for an upcoming Fiction River anthology, so I’m typing this with my fingers crossed! And if it doesn’t fit in (I think there are a couple other similarly themed stories from invited writers), I have a fun story in an already-created world of a novel that’s almost finished, so indie pubbing the story would be a great ad for the novel.

Plus, I had an utterly wonderful time rooming with the beautiful Val, and carpooling back and forth with Terry, Sean, Val, and Rob proved to be hysterical and off-color (and I think that’s largely my fault). And I met some fantastic writers and hung out with old friends, and my soul is full of energy from the intelligent, exciting, and funny conversations we’ve all been having.

The next workshop doesn’t start until Thursday night, so I’ve got a few days to recover and get some stuff done. On my plate is finishing one commissioned short story and writing another story; reading all the manuscripts for the workshop (I think I have 20 to go); a girls’ night with Leslie, Lisa, Chris, and Stephie; rooming with Leslie and all the fun that entails; more walks on the beach (provided the weather holds); and a few other work-related things. Whee!

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