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Thursday, March 28, 2013

State of the projects, first quarter 2013 edition

All sorts of books talk about scheduling and how to pace yourself and focus on what’s important. I’ve been so deep in work these past couple weeks that it’s been hard to see the bigger picture. So I thought I’d make a list of all the projects either in progress or due soon.

Oh. My. Gods.

Short Stories
  • “Finding My Own Voice” (fantasy) – redraft (per editorial request) finished, waiting on Ken’s review. (Since it was a redraft using some bits from previous versions, I want to make sure the information flow is correct.)
  • erotica stories for Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 12, due Sunday 3/31 – reprints, assembled today and will mail tomorrow
  • fantasy story for fire-themed anthology, due Sunday 3/31 – um…looking for an idea?
  • “Still Flying” (lesbian erotica) – in progress, due to Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 by Monday 4/1
  • erotica story for Best Bondage Erotica 2014, due Monday 4/1 – I was going to send “Still Flying” (see above) but it fits better for BLE2014, so I’ll probably send a reprint to this
  • short-short erotica stories for Short-Short BDSM Erotica, due Monday 4/1 – one written, needs a read-through before I send it, along with a story I already had
  • reprint erotica story for Coming Together: Girl on Girl charity anthology, due 4/15 – I know which story I’m sending; just need to send it!
  • two erotica stories for His Book and Her Book, due 4/15 – not really on my radar yet, although it’s on my production schedule

I’d like to get all of these off my plate so I can get back to longer fiction, including
  • On Her Lips – second novella in a three-novella set (In Her Hands is already available as an ebook)
  • Seasoned With Danger – sexy funny spy novel as Dayle St. Clair

  • No Horns, No Trumpets – labor of love project. My aunt wrote this book about my cousin, who was brain-damaged at age 15 in a motorcycle accident, and was submitting it to publishers before she died. My other cousin has taken up the reins, and I volunteered to publish it (I did the copyediting and design). We’re waiting for our proof copies and the pdf from the proofreader, and then we’ll make final changes. Due date is having it ready before a traumatic brain injury conference in June.
  • How to Sell Cruises Step-by-Step – nonfiction freelance book that I copyedited and designed. Also waiting for proof copies and markup from proofreader.
  • What Beck’ning Ghost – gothic romance by me as Dayle Ivy. I need to finish the interior design, and rewrite the back cover blurb because it kinda sucks. I’m taking a six-week online Pitches & Blurbs workshop starting 4/2, so it may not get published 'til after that.
  • In Her Hands – cover redesign of already published erotic romantic novella, to bring it in line with the two forthcoming novellas, and then also to publish it in print
  • “Catalyst,” paranormal lesbian romance by Sophie Mouette – Sophie’s been on the back burner while Teresa and I have focused on solo stuff, and it’s time to get her going again! Cover is designed, interior is designed…it’s ready for upload once we get the bank account and all the online accounts set up (see below).
  • Cat Scratch Fever, erotica by Sophie Mouette – reprint of previously published book, which has been re-copyedited. Need to design cover (rough preliminary done) and interior.
  • various erotica short stories – I’m working on rebranding all my Andrea Dale erotica covers, redoing the interior files, and getting them all uploaded to the various sites, including Kobo, which I’ve just started to do. Also, I need to learn how to upload directly to iBooks and get them all up there.

  • freelance job, mystery novel, due 3/31 – in progress; will take extra hours over the next few days
  • freelance job, uh, can’t remember genre – due 4/15, scheduled to start 4/1
  • freelance job, proofreading, SF – due 4/15, scheduled to start 4/1

  • Blackwood House, gothic romance as Dayle Ivy – doing a final readthrough to add a small element throughout. It’s been copyedited, so after this, it’ll be ready for design.
  • Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess, erotic paranormal romance by Sophie Mouette (with Teresa Noelle Roberts) – We’re something like 60K into this book already, but we haven’t looked at it in a few years. Step 1 is to read through everything we’ve got. It’s really freeing, because we made some changes per an editor’s request (before the editor bought it – live and learn) and now we can just focus on writing the book that gives us the most excitement and joy rather than worrying about publisher guidelines.

  • Beta read a friend’s fantasy story. Currently overdue (sorry, LW! SOON!).
  • Set up business bank accounts for Soul’s Road Press and Little Kisses Press
  • Write and send anthology ideas to publisher for possible editing jobs. Kinda overdue (I had a phone confab w/her a few weeks ago).
  • Set up Little Kisses Press accounts at kdp (Amazon), pubit (B&N), Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, and CreateSpace
  • Out of the Frying Pan, spicy romance by Sophie Mouette – still in early stages: need to hire a copyeditor, need to contact the artist of the potential cover art, that sort of thing
  • Meet up with owner of lingerie shop to discuss a reading/signing
  • A variety of fiddly website and online stuff

Looking at this makes me feel energized and tired in equal measure….

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