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Friday, May 10, 2013

"Catalyst" by Sophie Mouette

Squee! Little Kisses Press has just released their very first Sophie Mouette offering! (Sophie being the psuedonym for Teresa and I when we collaborate.)

catalyst cover web"Catalyst" by Sophie Mouette

Amid the standing stones of Anglesey, Wales, Kate meets a seductive woman who offers Kate teasing moments of pure passion—then disappears with catlike ease. To win the enchanting Annie, Kate must face dark magic, set right a centuries’-old wrong—and, scarier yet, confront her own past. The magic of the stones can turn a woman into a cat, but is it strong enough to guide Kate to her heart’s desire? “Catalyst” is an intoxicating lesbian paranormal erotic short story.

"Windswept cliffs, fogbound villages, and moonlight on standing stones; the Welsh isle of Anglesey would seem mystical even if American anthropologist Kate Williams weren’t bound to it by blood and her own intense connection to the earth. She finds much more in this land of her ancestors than healing for a bruised heart, and Sophie Mouette tells her story of magic and lust and timeless love with just the right blend of fantasy, reality, and hot-to-the-core sex." – Sacchi Green, Editor of Lambda Award Winner Lesbian Cowboys

Available in a variety of electronic formats:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo

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