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Saturday, June 01, 2013

New from Little Kisses Press: "Under a Double Rainbow"

"Under a Double Rainbow"

When Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, is invoked during a women’s pagan festival, she manifests in different guises to different attendees, gently guiding each woman find the courage to explore what she truly needs when it comes to sex, romance, and relationships. Erotic and tender in equal measure, sexy lesbian short story “Under a Double Rainbow” weaves multiple plot lines around a core thread of spiritual empowerment. This is author Sophie Mouette at her best!

“Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, shows up at a women’s spirituality festival. Love, healing, and a healthy dose of sex ensue. A lovely tale with just the right amount of mild erotica, and a great weaving together of several subplots.” – Pagan Book Reviews

Available in a variety of electronic formats:
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