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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So many good things!

So many good things!
  • The heatwave finally broke. It’s still warm during the day, but not beastly hot.
  • I had a lovely lunch and writerly gab session with Christine yesterday. We’d sort of planned to write, but realized we needed connection more.
  • Ken will be home Friday, and then we have a lovely weekend planned with friends. Saturday is a trip to FIDM to see their TV costumes exhibit (Downton Abbey! Game of Thrones!), and then Saturday we’re off to see Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing in Ojai.
  • I was updating the Bibliography on my website when I pulled up the Amazon page for Love Burns Bright: A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance anthology. The very first thing on the page, to advertise the book, is an excerpt from my story. My story. And then, on the page for Best Lesbian Romance 2014, in the description that includes a partial list of authors, my name is first. It’s hard to explain, but when I look at these two pages, it’s like a punch to the gut, but in a good way. In a sudden exhalation of breath way. Wow.
  • My coauthor (Teresa Noelle Roberts) and I figured out pretty much every scene needed to finish our current novel-in-progress, Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess. I’m getting that fun snowball-down-a-hill excitement about finishing it. Aaaand we’re off!
  • I’ve received and processed the contract, proofs, and payment for “Hearth and Family,” a fantasy story to appear in Elemental Masters II, edited by Mercedes Lackey (!!) (December 2013). AND I’ve received and processed the contract for “Leave a Candle Burning,” a fantasy romance to appear in Fantasy Adrift from Fiction River (April 2014).
  • Comp copies! Inspired by Dean Wesley Smith’s little short story paperbacks, I’ve done a few of my own. Erotic romance “Braceleted” has been available for awhile, and last month I did three Sophie Mouette stories: “Catalyst” (lesbian erotic romance), “Under a Double Rainbow” (ditto), and “Hidden Treasure” (spicy romance with a wee bit of suspense and humor). They're all still available as ebooks as well, if that's your pleasure!


Anonymous said...

And then, on the page for Best Lesbian Romance 2014, in the description that includes a partial list of authors, my name is first.

Congratulations! Question: I was shortlisted for the same title, and thought I would have heard by now the final word, but maybe that means my story didn't make the final cut. Have you heard back officially from the editor(s) that your story is in? Thanks!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Hi, Anonymous!

I received the contract in May, with the caveat that the publisher occasionally reduces the number of stories. But since my name is listed on Amazon, I'm guessing my story wasn't cut. (I think that's happened to me only twice in nearly a hundred sales, so...).

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, whoever you are! ;-)