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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Projects update #18,624

I’m starting to feel a little wheee! again about all the projects on my plate right now, so what better than a blog post to get them all straight in my head?

  • erotica story—finishing this one up for my non-public pen name; hopefully done tonight or tomorrow
  • Ghosted (novel-in-progress)—doing a read-through and taking notes so I can finish the damn thing
  • anthology story—I’ve been invited to pitch an idea for an anthology of stories set in a big-name author’s world. The pitch is due by December 1, so I’m currently re-reading some of the books to re-familiarize myself with the world. (I own, um, 13 books in the series. I don’t have time to re-read all of them…)
  • Sexy in Your Stocking (holiday erotica collection of stories by me as Andrea Dale, my coauthor Teresa Noelle Roberts, and our joint author Sophie Mouette)—ebook is designed, cover is designed, need to design POD interior
  • “Dyeing For Her” (Sophie Mouette short story)—cover is designed, ebook is designed, need to convert ebook and upload to various sites
  • copyediting job—in progress; it’s short so I should have it finished tomorrow
  • proofreading job—will start after the copyediting job is done; thankfully also short

There’s also the work I’m doing for Lucky Bat Books, which obviously I can’t discuss in detail here. Right now I have two potential clients, and I’m still reading through all the information I need to do the job and familiarizing myself with the way they do things. They are being very patient with me as I ask a million questions.

And let’s not talk about the two other novels I need to finish, the one I need to redraft, and the three novellas I want to write…ideally by the end of the year….


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Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Nothing like having a lot on your plate to keep you honest! And congrats on the anthology invite. Very exciting!

Mind you, I'm wasting a bit of time this AM despite a full plate, but I had a reason I needed to see some silliness. Am about to get moving.