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Monday, March 03, 2014

Three sales to Fiction River!

I'm utterly delighted to have sold three short stories to Fiction River at the annual Oregon Coast Writers Anthology Workshop!
"The Scent of Amber and Vanilla" will appear Pulse Pounders (thriller), edited by Kevin J. Anderson, in December 2104.
"Ignite the Night" will appear in Sparks (YA), edited by Rebecca Moesta, in August 2015.
"The Imperfect Otter Empire" will appear in Recycled Pulp (variety of genres), edited by John Helfers, in December 2015. John called my story "A kooky little palate cleanser."
These three stories join three others I sold previously to Fiction River:
"Living With the Past," Fantastic Detectives, Fiction River, August 2014
"Leave a Candle Burning," Fantasy Adrift, Fiction River, April 2014
"The Sound of My Own Voice," Hex in the City, Fiction River, 2013—available now!


Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

I think I already congratulated you, but it seems a shame not to shout "Huzzah!" on your blog too.

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