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Sunday, August 13, 2006

...and so on

Words Written: DFL 674; “Face Reality” 373
Writing Stats: Received a note that the Fabulous Whitby contracts are finally being sent out, hurrah! Mailed WtW proposal to an editor and an agent.
Exercise: walking, stretching, yoga

Not a whole lot to report. I just feel like it’s been way too long since I’ve posted! I’ve been working and watching TV and trying to buy Styx tickets and talking on the phone to Ken—you know, the usual minutae of life.


Two more nifty Forgotten English words:

“Nake: To make naked (1300s–1500s). Nakedize: to go naked.”

“Cook, slut, & butler: A common expression applied to a person who does all the turns of workd in a house (1825).” This was the word for July 28, which is the Feast Eve of St. Martha, “a patroness of housewives who, according to legend, subdued a dragon by dousing it with holy water while doing housework.” Proving once again that women are the ultimate multi-taskers.


Currently Reading: Widdershins, Charles de Lint
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