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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And three we've never even heard of

Words Written: “The Witch of Venice,” 1500 words; edited two stories
Writing Stats: Got three stories in the mail, despite the cold, since they all had an 11/30 or 12/1 deadline and I’ll be away then. Go me!
Exercise: yeah, right. [sniffle, kaff]

I forgot to mention in the last entry that I’d come down with a cold, as has Ken (poor thing, his is on the heels of a bad cold he had a couple weeks ago). Up until a couple of days ago, it was just some minor throat stuff and general weariness, so between Nyquil and Dayquil, I wasn’t really slowed down too much.

Then I tempted fate, and before I turned off the light one night, I commented to Ken that it was nice these colds weren’t really bad.

What woke me up the next morning was the pain in my throat when I swallowed.

So I’ve been in a complete fog, exhausted (despite the Nyquil-drugged sleep of the damned) and braindead, and now the nasal spray isn’t really working anymore, so I can’t breathe. Blah. This thing better clear up before the Styx concert on Friday night, or I’m likely to fall over in the middle of the show. (Ideally it will clear up before the Queensryche show Thursday night…)

But let’s talk about the good, happy things:

  • Ken fixed the DVR.
  • We had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family.
  • I have the new Loreena McKennitt album! The one from B&N with the bonus track!
  • Ken brought me matzo ball soup from Roxsbury Deli.
  • I get to work at home.
  • We’re off to Vegas tomorrow to visit Julie and Jim and to see Queensryche and Styx (twice!).
  • We made really good curry last night.
  • I’m writing again, despite the lurgy.
  • I’ve mostly cleared out my e-mail In Box, and I’m caught up on work stuff.


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