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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Did you miss me?

Words Written: yeah, ha, no…
Writing Stats: Rejection from Aberrant Dreams for “Matchmaker”
Exercise: not likely when it sounds like I’m hacking up a lung

Back from Vegas. Note to self: Always stay at the hotel where the band is. It makes for many amusing run-ins and conversations. Corollary note to self: Never, ever, leave hotel room without makeup on. Ever.


The picture above is of a ceramic jar Ken bought me at the Calico Ghost Town (pictures of the town will be uploaded later). It’s purple, and it has a spiral on it, and he simply decided it must be mine.

But here’s my question: What should I store in it? (It’s about 2 inches high without the top and 3 inches in diameter, BTW.) I’m looking for any and all suggestions. Really, post your responses in the comments. I’ll think up some suitable way to reward anyone who give me an idea I actually use!


Currently Reading: Jade Tiger, Jenn Reese
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Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!

What about stamps? Not very exciting but something that you use often and need to keep handy.

Marian X

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just noticed, your journal tells me what time I posted. It is 11.31pm with you! Feels like it here too being almost pitch black still but sadly it is 7.31 and almost time for work.

Marian X

Anonymous said...

It looks like the perfect jar for some homemade smelly something... rose oil, lavendar cream, balms of yumminess. And gee, I know you make stuff. --Cat

Yasamin's married to the sea said...

bath salts. sea salt. crumbled sage. ribbons. sewing pins. buttons. pennies pressed before 1970. anything small that you collect. anything that is just as soothing as the pretty patturn and colors.

he's got absolutely outstanding taste!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Marian: I buy stamps by rolls of 100 (all those manuscripts to mail...) and I have a nice holder for stamps. I like the direction you're going, though! Oh, and I do sympathize with the darkness. We're not as bad as Wales here (there, it was dark by 3:30-4 p.m.; here it's 5-5:30 p.m.) but I'm constantly messed up by the time change.

Cat: Hmm... Again, I like the direction, but the top doesn't seal, so I don't think that would work.

Yasamin: Ooh! Bath salts! I've made my own bath salts, so that might work. Plus the jar is purple and our bathroom with the original clawfoot tub has purple accents. (And, yes, he does have great taste--after all, he married me! [lol]) I like your other suggestions, too...

All: Another idea I'm toying with is some of the sparkly goodies that were in my birthday pirate treasure chest. I've been keeping all that in the original box, but putting some in the pot and running my fingers through it whenever I want could be a fun way to spark creativity. :-)

Keep up the suggestions, please!

Anonymous said...

I thought you would use a lot of stamps but by the hundred, Wow!

Have a great weekend, Marian.

Anonymous said...

What about a solid perfume? Or those strongly scented wax pastilles. Garden Memories in downtown Ventura used to sell some wonderful smelling (and looking) ones.


Anonymous said...
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