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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Alphabetical extravaganza

Here's the book description for C is for Co-Eds, one book of a new anthology series I (as Andrea Dale) have stories in:

A Is For Amour, B Is For Bondage, C Is For Co-Eds and D Is For Dress-Up kick off a new series from Alison Tyler and Cleis Press. From Amour to Zippers, this alphabetical extravaganza of erotic delights features 26 hot volumes of explicit, playful stories.

Campus cuties suddenly away from home explore new sexual delights in this charming collection. With stories like “College Reunion” by Andrea Dale and “While She Was Dancing” by Thomas S. Roche, who’s got time to study?

Teresa has a story in one of this first set as well, and as Sophie we've sold a story to the forthcoming H is for Hardcore. They're publishing them in sets of four, so I don't have guidelines for all of them yet.

Fun series, really fun covers! Remember, Valentine's Day is coming—you and your sweetie could snuggle up with one of these lovely books...!

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