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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The week that was

Words Written: OOTFP, ~500
Writing Stats: Received rejection from Æon for “Matchmaker”: “It was a hoot, but it didn’t quite his the mark for us…” It’s one of those stories that gets close, but never quite hits the mark. Someday it’ll find a home…! Updated anthology list. Mailed “Always a Bridesmaid” to Purple Panties. Prepped 9 more stories to mail. Made notes on a new novel.
Exercise: taking it easy because my hip’s been hurting

Busy week! Ken left Monday, but came back because of bike issues. He swapped out the broken center stand for a new one, bought a new tire on Tuesday morning, and then he was really on his way. (Pout, sigh.) Tuesday evening I trotted off to Morgana’s for sewing. Albra needed help with some costuming for Estrella, so I did handwork on a Turkish coat for Her Majesty, then worked on a kumihimo cord after that.

Wednesday I spent writing and working, although I had another lovely massage…

On Thursday, I helped Morgana finally finish painting her meditation room, a project that’s dragged on far, far too long. Our friend Pat did an amazing mural on all four walls of the room, but we had to touch up some trim and whatnot. In total, it didn’t take very long, but now it’s done! We tidied up in there and toasted our success. That evening, I had dinner with Morgana, Brian, and Jeff at The Urban Café (I had a grilled chicken and cilantro sandwich that was quite amazing), and then we met up with Eric at the theatre and saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the big screen. (I’ve never seen it in the theatre, so it was a great experience!) Unfortunately, I’d been fighting off a headache all day, and by the end of the movie I was feeling rotten. I got home, talked to Ken, and went to bed with lots of drugs and a heating pad.

The headache, nasty as it was, was pretty much gone by the time I crawled out of bed yesterday, which was a very good thing. I got a bunch of work done, tweaked a story for an anthology, that sort of thing. Then I caught a ride up to Ojai, where some of our local SCA group members were making and serving dinner for the homeless. (We used the hall for our Shire Twelfth Night feast in December, and were happy to “give back” and do something for the hall and the community.) On the way home I picked Elyramere’s brain about gardening things, and I think I’ve decided to put a hedge of cape honeysuckle along the wall where the eucalyptus trees used to be. Easy to care for, happy in our horrible soil and lack of water and lots of sun, and as an added bonus, attracts hummingbirds. :-)

I then proceeded to prep nine stories to mail, although I still have to e-mail some and envelope others, etc. I’ll get that done this weekend.

Stupid headache came back today, or maybe it was a new one triggered by the champagne I drank last night. So I’ve been groggy and logy and unproductive for the most part.

I’d hoped to go see the tall ships that are in port right now, today, but Morgana’s sick. She suggested I call Tomi, but I decided my headache made me not want to go anywhere. As it was, I crawled back into bed this afternoon with the heating pad and drugs and Ysabel, and then dozed for a bit, thinking about a novel I want to write, probably this year. At some point (last night or this morning; it’s all a blur…) I also may have figured out the solution to a short story that’s been fighting me—which is good, because it’s due at the end of the month.

So I’ve spent a quiet day working and writing and watching TV, and now I’m off to curl up in bed with the heating pad (just ‘cause it feels good!) and Ysabel. Maybe I’ll come back out tomorrow, and maybe I won’t… [g]


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