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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Weird day. There are terrible fires in Malibu (update: and many other places), and we have fierce awful winds (50-60 mph) that have been raging since last night. As a result, by midday the sky was orange-grey and dark as early evening, the sun gleaming weirdly red through the haze. The upstairs office window isn’t sealed well (termite damage on a house almost 100 years old) and there’s ash on my desk. Apparently the back door isn’t sealed well, either, because there’s ash all over the dryer. The house smells like smoke, and I’ve had a low-grade headache and gritty eyes all day, killing my concentration. Worse, there are people in Malibu who’ve lost their homes. Pepperdine University is threatened.

I huddled inside and critted a friend’s novel and watched a little TV and started work on a new short story and took a bath.

Ken got home from a rally this weekend, slept, and turned around to head north for two weeks’ worth of work, another reason why I’m out of sorts. He’ll be back for the Shaw Blades shows in November, then has to go up for one more week; I may go with him if time and schedules and finances permit.


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TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Ack. I hope weird skies and stray ash are the worst you get from the fires.

(Remind me never to complain about New England weather, okay? It gets annoying sometimes, but it's rarely overly dramatic or dangerous, barring the occasional blizzard.)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I don't think any of the fires are likely to directly threaten us, but I'm concerned about friends all over southern California right now...

Hope said...

Oh how I remember fire "season." And am sorry it has affected so many lives again.

Nope, won't be complaining about the cold, wet weather here. Hmmm... wonder if I can box some up and send it your way. :)