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Sunday, October 14, 2007


The signing today went well. It would have been nicer if more of my friends showed up, but the important thing is, wonderful friends did show up! Aran! Julie the Styx fan! Christine! (Okay, Christine’s also a LARA member, but she’s my friend first and more importantly.) Matt/Monica/Holly from the Queensr├┐che concert! I also sold a fair number to fellow LARA members. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to buy everyone else’s books….

I did buy Eden Bradley’s The Dark Garden (and we were fangirls: “I want to buy your book!” “I want to buy your book!” “Will you autograph it for me?” “Yes!” Etc. I also splurged on two urban fantasies (not authors who were present), since that’s what I’m working on right now (er, one of the things I’m working on): Thunderbird Falls (CE Murphy) and Night Rising (Chris Marie Green). I failed to find Martha Stewart’s Halloween magazine issue. I should’ve bought it when I saw it a few weeks ago. They already had the Thanksgiving issue on the stands. Feh, I say. Feh.

Someone provided each of us with a ceramic jar filled with little chocolates. My jar has a redheaded witch on it! How entirely appropriate! It also has spiders on it, which I’m going to try to repaint to make them look more like bats.

Teresa and I finished the rough draft of the novella today! Still need to smooth things out, then send it to a first reader, but it’s done!

Goals for Next Week:

Kind of hard to determine until I hear from Sarah about where she’s at with Designed for Love. I’m hoping she has the first chapter written and ready. Barring that, I have two stories to write and I need to finish the basic outline for the RWA workshop. Any extra time not taken up by DFL will be for HS.

I also need to get caught up on e-mail, and have a number of fiddly life-stuff-type things to do.


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Anonymous said...

My dear, you look absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could have been there to get a signed copy. :)

But Ken is right, you are a babe. :D


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you. Not bad of the cover either.