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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stuff and bits

I worked out yesterday, cardio and upper body, and now I hurt. That’s what I get for not really working out for a month, I suppose…. Hopefully I’ll have time after the signing tomorrow to get there and do some leg work.


The rest of the War went like this: Saturday morning we parked the car near the equestrian area and stopped by to see the horses, and I was thrilled to discover the Celtic Games were still going on. The gorgeous redhead who’d been giving the talk the day before was next. She’d unbound her hair, and it flowed down past her butt. She wore a brown leather vest and dark green, formfitting riding pants, and had blue streaks on her cheeks. She was a Celtic Horse Goddess, I’m telling you. And she rode beautifully (you got points if you did the games bareback). The tests were gathering golden apples, something with a lion (I couldn’t see the far end of the riding area), rescuing a stuffed sheep, gathering flags, and riding a winding, twisty course with a full goblet in one hand.

That day I bought the Gothic quatrefoil silver ring with an amethyst that I’d been ogling, and the dark blue plaid linen, and pins to go with the peplos I’ll make out of the linen, and remembered to order a commemorative GWW goblet from our friends Christel Illusions. More importantly, I got to hang out with Maren! Maren, whom I haven’t seen in a coon’s age! (What is a coon’s age, anyway? Far too long, that’s what I say.)

That night we went a-wandering, and I learned that the problem with ogling someone you don’t know at an event is that you never know when you’ll be hanging out with them the next day. Horse Guy’s name is Landon, , I believe, and he’s from Australia and is utterly charming, and the Celtic Goddess rider is Virginia, who thinks she’s seen me around a lot, was delighted to finally meet me, and gave me a big hug when we parted. Um. Maybe I have a doppelganger? Ken says it’s just because I’m a babe. Sheez.

We also ran into Simon, who was quite drunk, and Eilidh, who was also quite (and unusually) drunk, and many other fine folks in various stages of inebriation. I had a couple of drinks that I now can’t remember the name of, and they were tasty, but barely affected me.

On Sunday we packed up, wandered on site for a bit, then headed south to Alpine, CA (south of San Diego) for a Styx concert! But that’s a topic for another entry….


Busy but fun day. Went grocery shopping, made another yummy sandwich for lunch (current fave: whole wheat and oat bread, a bit of ham and more of turkey, light mayo, mustard, Swiss, avocado, and pepperoncinis. Yesterday I toasted it. Today I didn’t.), then toddled over to help Morgana decorate her house for Halloween. (It’s her year to host the party and, as you all know, Halloween is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.) After that we went to the county shelter to see if a friend’s cat was there; she moved out of the area last month and one of her cats got out in the process, and there are two fitting the description at the shelter. Alas, the shelter closed an hour earlier than we thought, so we’ll go on Monday. On the way home (well, sort of. If you’re us.) we went to Big Lots and Michaels and one of the Halloween stores. Since I’ve been meaning to buy cat ears, I did so (black with boa feathery insides), along with a black boa so I can make a tail (I’m going to wear my see-through velvet burnout dress and satin waist cincher for the party, so I might as well add some sort of theme to it).

Then Morgana came over for dinner, and then I put together a little display for tomorrow’s book signing: a two-part folding frame that stands up, with one side being our New Author Spotlight ad from Romantic Times and the other side being the review of A Little Night Music.

In between that, Teresa called for a quick confab about the novella, which she’s now sent to me. So I must get to work.


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