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Thursday, October 04, 2007

To war, to war!

I know, I know, so remiss about keeping in touch. Can I say it’s because we’ve been so busy? Just reacclimatizing to have Ken home is work. (Good work, yes. Fantastic and amazingly wonderful. But it still, weirdly, takes a little work.)

Oddly enough, we’re in a hotel, and I’m snagging a few minutes while Ken’s in the shower. We went to a Queensrÿche concert last night, then drove up to Bakersfield. We’ll be gallivanting around Great Western War for the next few days. Today is Pirate Day! Arr! (Okay, it’s Pirate Day for Morgana and I, because we wanted an excuse to wear our pirate outfits again, and for anyone else who chooses to join us. But it’s not official Pirate Day where GWW is concerned.) I forgot all my piratical jewelry. So I guess I’ll be shopping today!

The Queensrÿche concert was fantastic. The Canyon Club normally has long dinner tables in front of the stage, but for some reason they didn’t have them there tonight (people who came for dinner ate at the round tables that usually flank the long ones). So when the GA crowd (including us) got in, we pretty much walked right up to the stage. Ken and I were four or five rows back. We had a blast talking to a wonderful family: Mom Monica, Dad Matt, and 16-year-old Daughter Holly. (Hi, if you’re reading this!) They were a blast, so enthusiastic and fun. Holly’s a Styx fan, too, and I had my “concert purse,” so I amused her by pulling out confetti and buttons and a Ricky pick and, of course, the Lawrence wrist cuff.

A higher percentage of Queensrÿche fans are male, so it was harder to see. (The guy directly in front of me for part of the show had long dark hair that he kept flipping back, not realizing he was brushing against my face. But his hair smelled good, which I figured was a nice bonus.) A little crazier and drunker, but nowhere near a mosh-pit-type situation. I discovered that while I pretty much know all of their music from their first EP through Promised Land (after that their albums are kind of…not quite great), I only actually know lyrics to songs from Empire and Promised Land. I had no idea I didn’t know the lyrics to so much of their stuff! (Then again, Sarah and I were driving around this summer listening to a Gowan CD, and realized we didn’t know half the lyrics. How utterly embarrassing.)

So, GWW-ing (it’s a verb if I say so) for the next few days, and then on Sunday, after a bit of War, we’ll jump in the car and essentially head to San Diego (close enough) for a Styx concert! Yay, Styx concert! And all Styx, not with Foreigner and Def Leppard glomming up all that stage time!


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