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Thursday, December 27, 2007


A good day so far. After saying farewell to Matt, we pottered about the house for a bit. There’s beef stroganoff in the crockpot, the dishes are done, the guest sheets are in the dryer, and I’ve paid some bills. Ken’s going to go for a bike ride to check out a route for a New Year’s morning ride he’s organizing, and I’m going to hammer away at a short story and maybe also the novel, and walk to the post office and the music shop.

Our holiday cards have finally arrived—again. Apple has managed to screw up the order three times, I’m sad to say… First, they sent us only 50, which meant we were missing 40. To rectify that, they said they’d reorder the missing 40 for free and refund the money for the original 40. Neither of those things happened. So I complained again, and they said they’d send 40 more and refund the rest of it, so in essence it would all be free. They did refund the money…and I just received 90 more cards.

So, seriously. If you want a card, and aren’t on our mailing list, please let me know. I have no idea what to do with 50 extra cards except wallpaper a bathroom!


No errands today—my legs and butt are really stiff and achy from an intense session with the trainer yesterday. Instead, I took a long, hot bath with epsom salts and British bubble bath. :-) Got some work done on the short story, too, and the stroganoff was stellar (if I do say so myself).


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Joan said...

Please send recipe for crock-pot stroganoff.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...


I didn't use the mushrooms, of course.

I also used fat-free sour cream.

Next time, I'll probably throw in some garlic, too.

Melusine said...

British bubble bath? Is it different from US bubble bath?

And if the card has you on ehte picture then I'd love one. Been far too long since I've seen you both.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yes--Radox isn't sold in the US.

I'll go to the PO and find out how much postcards to the UK are, then! Hope your Yule present arrrived safely, BTW. :-)