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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Mrf. After several days of pleasant productivity, I’m dragging today. I’m just not sleeping well anymore—as soon as something wakes me in the morning, just a little bit, it’s almost impossible for me to get back to sleep. Or I’m possibly coming down with something; right now, it’s hard to tell the difference.

But I can’t be sick! I have so much to do! Such as…
  • …finishing a short story. I wanted to be done with it today so Teresa could crit it before I sent it off, but I didn’t know she’s busy through New Year’s… So technically I have a little leeway, although I shouldn’t really allow myself any, as the story’s due 12/31.
  • …going to our Shire’s Twelfth Night party tonight. We made the coleslaw last night, so we’re good to go there, at least.
  • …hosting overnight guests tonight.
  • …having a writing meeting with a friend tomorrow. (I’ll finish the story then, absolutely.)
  • …cleaning the entire frakking house. Ken will do most of this since I can’t do a lot because of my back. But still. I’ll be rushing about, tidying and whatnot.
  • …buying food and prepping the house and food for our party.
  • …meeting with my trainer for another gym session.
  • …going to a friend’s NYE party (need to make guacamole for that; avocados are ripening on the windowsill as I type).
  • …going on a bike ride on New Year’s morning, culminating with various riders following us home to kick off our New Year’s Day open house.
  • …hanging out with friends, doing some kumihimo, and making chili and rice and corn bread during the open house.
  • …finishing two library books and return them by 1/2/08.

Yeah. That’s all. So no actual time to be sick in there, y’know? If I’m sick, only the last thing on the list is likely to get accomplished….

Wish me luck!


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