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Friday, March 14, 2008

Damn fork

Sorry for the recent silence; I’ve been afflicted with hives and looped out on Benadryl. (Seriously. I stabbed myself in the face with a fork and stared at the fork wondering why it did that to me. Then I turned to Ken and told him it would be best if he chopped the green onions for the tuna salad, because I really oughtn’t wield a knife right then.)

Brief writing updates:
  • Friday I revised “Dyrnwyn’s Fire” and sent it, the story for the other anthology, and an anthology proposal to Denise Little.
  • Saturday I did research on a story for yet another anthology (another fantasy one—I’m on a roll!), and this week I had a brainstorming session with Phaedra that solidified the wibbly-wobbly parts. Now I need to find the energy and brain to write it!*
  • Ideomancer rejected “A Father’s Blessing,” so I sent it off to Æon.
  • IGMS rejected “Berengere,” so I sent it off to Weird Tales.
  • I submitted “Animal Attraction” to Hips & Curves.
  • I had a confab with Teresa about which Sophie stories to send to various Best Of anthologies.
  • Today I submitted seven stories, including a couple of reprints for the Best Ofs and a variety of new ones as well. ::falls over in a heap::
  • *Started the story. First line: “Once upon a time, I was so screwed.” Hee!

Saturday and Sunday were also spent tidying the bedroom and sorting through piles of things that needed to be somewhere else besides the bedroom. Then we tackled the sewing room, getting the sewing machine and serger set up, and finished up a variety of little fiddly projects and whatnot.

Monday I went to the gym and came home with the hives. I’ve never had them before and haven’t changed anything in my diet, lifestyle, home, etc., that could be an obvious trigger.

Tuesday our friend Ernie and Pauline from Oregon visited; they’re on a motorcycle trip down the coast, over to Death Valley, and then back home again. We went out for Thai and sat around talking and laughing and drinking wine until way too late. The next morning, I hauled my Benadryl-ed groggy self out of bed to discover Ken making breakfast (crepes, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, toast, and melon) for everyone. What a good morning!

Since then, we’ve been organizing and packing for Black Oak Lodge, our local Shire’s annual weekend-long event in the verdant hills above Santa Barbara. We’ll be home Sunday afternoon—everyone play nice while we’re gone, okay?


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Angell said...

Seriously. I stabbed myself in the face with a fork and stared at the fork wondering why it did that to me.

OMG - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Poor thing. Hope the hives vacate soon. Enjoy your weekend away!!!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Oh, believe me, it was pretty damn funny at the time, even through my hazy consciousness!