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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hit and miss

Happily back from Black Oak Lodge (where it hailed!). I’ve just finished a cup of tea and a ginger-lemon crème, and I feel almost human again. (I’ll feel fully human after I shower, and truly settled once we’re unpacked and the laundry’s in.)

Came home to cats who tried to convince us the nice tenant lady hadn’t fed them and, in fact, they were quite certain they hadn’t been fed in several weeks prior to our leaving.

Also waiting for me were two rejections: from Talebones for “Testing the Waters” (two things underlined in the form letter: “didn’t hook me fast enough” and “try me again”) and from Weird Tales for “Heaven Has Eyes.” I’ll find some time this afternoon to determine their next markets, plus I have two other stories to print and postally submit to the UK.

In good news, there was also an e-mail from our friends Nanci & Lenny letting us know that Fish (former lead singer of Marillion and a brilliant solo artist in his own right) is playing the Hollywood House of Blues in June! Tickets have been purchased! The last time we saw him in the U.S. was 1997, and we only managed to see him once in the UK when we lived there.

Oh, and the hives had pretty much disappeared by Friday night, so hurrah for that! I feel ready to hit the ground running tomorrow…which is a good thing, because we have to take the cats to the vet between 7 and 8 a.m.…


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