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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sleep good

Busy but lovely weekend! Saturday I slept in, then made sausage/cheese balls in preparation for a neighborhood ladies’ party. About 20 minutes before I was to leave, Ken arrived home, triumphant, from his trip! Hurrah!

Then Morgana and I trotted off down the street to the Smash & Get Smashed annual party, which involved making much strawberry jam (we got there late enough that the cooking was in full swing and we were not needed. Phew.) and drinking many strawberry daiquiris. They’re an interesting group of people.

But eventually I was itching to get home to my beloved, whom I found asleep, although he was mumbling about getting up so he could actually sleep that night. We had little food in the house and even less enthusiasm about cooking (I guess I hit my daily cooking limit with those sausage/cheese balls—although they have only three ingredients, and my rule is that three ingredients or less is not cooking, so there goes that excuse), so I ordered a pizza. That got him out of bed.   ;-)

So we ate pizza and watched the penultimate episode of Torchwood, sat in the hot tub, watched the final episode of Torchwood (holy season finales, Batman!), and then finally headed off to bed.

Today I wandered off to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where I was again without companions, but, despite some serious writing avoidance that included making a playlist for Ghosted, I managed to get just shy of 2K hammered out. Now I’m sort of stuck again, so I have to sit down again and work through it.

After that, Ken and I went for a walk on the beach so he could ceremoniously dump Atlantic water into the Pacific (he did the opposite in FL), and then we stocked up on groceries, at which point he decided he wanted to celebrate his successful ride with cow, so we went to Outback. Where I perversely had grilled shrimp.

And now it’s much later, and we watched more TV and I’m all depressed (thanks, Ron Moore! Sheez.), but I also sat down and broke my 2K for the day, so I can go to sleep at least knowing I hit my goal and can hit the ground running tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy week, and I have a lot to accomplish…

Right. Sleep….


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