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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Almost home

BTV airport has free wireless so I have a few minutes to check e-mail and whatnot before we board. I've had a lovely trip, spending a lot of time with my parents and seeing a few old friends as well. My wrist is feeling lots better; I worked some on a short story but otherwise iced my forearm a few times and played with a squeezy ball. I also ate way too much and got a bit of reading done.

Tomorrow I've got an appt with my trainer and Ken leaves for a rally. Friday I've got a chiro appt, the cleaning lady, and a friend from the UK arriving to spend the weekend. I swear I'll get caught up soon!

Hope everyone's been having fun whilst I've been away. Tell me stories—what have you all been up to?!


Lev said...

It's usually abbreviated "BTVS." I mean, "BTV" would just spell out "Buffy the Vampire," which she isn't. Unless you're talking Season two, when that kid makes everyone's nightmares come true...

Anonymous said...

Who's coming to visit? Enquiring, homesick minds want to know!