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Friday, May 30, 2008

New publication!

I was delighted to arrive home from the trip and find comp copies of Rubber Sex, containing my story "Bathing Beauty," in my pile of mail.

You know, it's funny how easy it is to forget what I've written. I kicked back and read a couple of the stories, then flipped to mine. I remembered the basics (heck, part of the inspiration was a Penthouse Variations letter I read in the 1980s that somehow stuck with me), but I was surprised at what a sweet story it is. Pretty damn romantic—which most of my stories are, actually.

Another funny note: My mother actually did own the bathing cap described in the story. I had a different reaction to it, though…especially when I was once forced to wear the hideous thing!

Anyway, the anthology was edited by cupcake-cute Rachel Kramer Bussel and I'm in fine company, as there are stories by Teresa, Shanna Germain, and Alison Tyler, among many others. Rachel has set up a blog for the anthology as well—if you're interested, check it out!

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