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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fly away home

I had the neatest random encounter yesterday.

Despite the fact that the hotel restaurant advertised, on its door and on in-room paperwork, that they were open from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., when I went there at 1:30 p.m. for lunch I was told that no, they were closed. Another woman had stopped there for lunch and was also dismayed, and got directions to the nearby IHOP because she wanted eggs, etc. As she headed to her van, she offered me a ride. Yeah, she could’ve been a serial killer. But I listened to my gut, and my gut didn’t give me any warnings. I knew the IHOP was close enough to walk back from if I needed to, too. So I went.

Kelly turned out to be a delightful, fascinating person and we ended up eating lunch together. She was from Colorado, but in the summer works as a commercial fisherperson, and was on her way to Astoria, OR, to do just that. When I said I was from southern California, north of LA, she hesitated and said, “Oxnard?” Turns out that’s the only place she’s been to in CA (she’d been there for fishing work).

We had such a great conversation. She’s someone I never really would’ve encountered and chatted with in any other circumstance, you know? But we talked about travel and life and writing and motorcycles, and it was just lovely. There are so many horrible, mean, depressing, nasty people in the world. It was a joy to spend time with a random stranger who made the world a more positive place.

Plus I walked nearly a mile back to the hotel, getting my exercise for the day. :-)

~ ~ ~

accomplished yesterday:

  • good chunk written on Ghosted
  • all e-mail (work and personal) answered or deferred to Apr├Ęs Trip folder
  • new sale info logged in spreadsheet and website updated (had to install Firefox on Afalwen to do it…)

~ ~ ~

I’m trying to not be depressed about heading home and missing Ken. I’m just going to focus on hoping he’ll get the time off to come home next week for the Styx/Boston show! So there.

~ ~ ~

Home safe, although I had a particularly horrid homecoming with a dead rat in the garage (which was not the problem—I can deal with a small dead furry thing in a trap) that was infested with maggots (and that was the problem—I cannot deal with maggots, especially giant maggots who squirmed their way back towards the garage after oozing out of the dead rat’s eye sockets when I flung the rat out onto the sidewalk). Thanks to our tenant (who joined me in spraying every household cleaner possible at the maggots as well as bashing them with a shovel) and most especially Morgana (who had no problem picking up the maggot-infested rat carcass and bagging it and depositing it in the garbage), the world is a safer place. Although I took a very, very, very long shower after the incident.

Really, it’s all okay. There are fuzzy cats who want to curl up with me, and all sorts of possibilities awaiting me tomorrow. G'night!


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