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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh for crying out loud…

One thing I haven’t had the chance to mention is that Ken’s doing a “rush” job in Oregon—he dashed out to Korea to broker the deal for the machine in May (arriving a few days late at my parents’ as a result) and he’s been in Oregon since the beginning of the month (although he rode back down for the Fish show and will do the same for two Styx shows and Labyrinth of Jareth next month). And I’m going up to visit him for a few days, leaving this Friday and returning a week from today.

So what did I wake up with this morning?

A sore throat.

I know just who gave me this cold, and I’m going to have to hurt her…

Hopefully I can pop enough Echinacea and chewable vitamin C and sweat it out at the gym before I fly north!


Currently Reading: Just finished One for the Money (the first Stephanie Plum book), Janet Evanovich; not sure what I’m grabbing off the stack next; will probably take Barbara Hambly’s Circle of the Moon to Oregon with me, since I reread the first book in NY in preparation for reading this one.
Lately Listened To: "A Gentleman's Excuse Me" by Fish, obsessively, over and over…
Recently Watched: Inside the Actor’s Studio with Matt Damon (great source of inspiration and commentary about the creative process)

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Lev said...

Ai-ya! I hope you're all better before you need to fly!

See if you can find any Yin Chiao (a Chinese herbal cold/flu thing); I find that to be helpful.